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Animal Welfare Policy

Meeting: 16/09/2019 - Executive (Item 290)

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RESOLVED – That Executive approves and adopts the Animal Welfare Policy.



Executive considered the report of the Portfolio Holder – Street Scene and Environmental Health which recommended for approval a new Animal Welfare Policy.


The Policy was produced following the commencement of the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities involving Animals)(England) Regulations 2018. The regulations covered:

·            Pet Shops

·            Kennel / Cattery Boarding of Dogs and Cats

·            Home Boarding of Dogs

·            Breeding of Dogs

·            Riding Establishments

·            Keeping or training animals for exhibition

The new legislation was designed to raise standards and promote consistency in Animal Welfare, and to ensure that those who participate in any of the above Trades "where there is a view to make financial gain; or where a commission or fee is taken" are licensed and monitored.

The proposed Animal Welfare Policy set out the legislative framework, the fees and charges which had already been approved in Delegated Decision DD/046/18PC, the application process, the inspection process, and how premises with lower star ratings can appeal these decisions.

Members queried the level of resource for handling these applications and inspections and were advised that the Environmental Health service was considered to have sufficient capacity within existing resources. Inspections were to be carried out in conjunction with local veterinarian practices.


Moved by Councillor Deborah Watsonand seconded by Councillor Mary Dooley

RESOLVED – That Executive approves and adopts the Animal Welfare Policy.



It was considered to be good practice to have a policy setting out how the Council inspects and licences establishments under the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.



The policy was considered necessary so that members of the public are aware of the standards and how the Council operates, and so that animal licensed premises are aware of what is expected of them.

(Team Manager – Solicitor (Contentious))