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Corporate Plan Targets Performance Quarter 4 2019/20

Meeting: 27/07/2020 - Executive (Item 15)

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RESOLVED - That progress and outturns against the Corporate Plan 2019-2020 targets be noted.


Executive considered the report of the Portfolio Holder – Corporate Governance which reported on the outturns for Quarter 4 of 2019/20 for the Corporate Plan targets. The report set out progress on all key tasks and performance indicators that contributed directly to the aims within the Council’s Corporate Plan.


Out of the 26 targets, 22 had been achieved (84%), 3 had failed (12%) and 1 (4%) was awaiting information. It was noted that the 3 failed targets had all been rolled over into the performance framework for the Council Ambition for 2020-2024 so they would be continue to be monitored and reviewed and actions would be taken to address them.


A figure on the number of newly built residential properties was not yet available as this required the planning department to visit sites to count the completed dwellings. This had been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions. It was hoped that this information could be provided with the Quarter 1 report for 2020/21.


Members discussed waste and recycling collections due to reports from some members of the public of incidents of bins not being emptied due to alleged contamination and some complaints about the language and behaviour of the recycling contractors. The Portfolio Holder – Environment advised she would take up these matters with the Head of Street Scene.


The Deputy Leader queried why sheltered accommodation was not included in the re-let times. The Assistant Director of Development advised that the Customer Service and Transformation Scrutiny Committee were looking at re-let times and a report was to be provided on these issues. The Covid-19 pandemic had impacted the performance on this target. The report for Scrutiny would also be provided to Executive Members.


Moved by Councillor Duncan McGregor and seconded by Councillor Sandra Peake

RESOLVED - That progress and outturns against the Corporate Plan 2019-2020 targets be noted.



This was an information report to keep Members informed of progress against the corporate plan targets noting achievements and any areas of concern.



Not applicable to this report as it was providing an overview of performance against agreed targets.


(Director – Corporate Resources)