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Review of Council Policy on Fireworks: Post-Scrutiny Monitoring (Interim Report)

Meeting: 11/10/2022 - Climate Change and Communities Scrutiny Committee (Item 30)

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The Scrutiny & Elections Officer briefed Members on overall progress to date.  Three out of four recommendations had been achieved and one had been extended but should hopefully complete within the original twelve month monitoring period.  It was noted that while the lobbying letter had been sent by the Portfolio Holder, no response had been received to date, presumably due to the personnel changes within Government.  The letter would be resent to both the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and the local MP.


The Environmental Health Service Manager (Commercial & Environment) briefed Members on progress against the four recommendations.  In relation to recommendations one and two, the Registration Scheme had now launched and a range of communications taken place.  This would now be revisited due to the time of year and events being planned to ensure both public and event organisers were aware of health and safety risks.  It was noted, however, the deadline for registering for the scheme for November 2022 had passed.  In relation to recommendation four it was noted that officers had met with the Police and an agreement in principle had been made on powers that could be granted under a Community Safety Accreditation Scheme.  This work was progressing and would be reported back in due course.


Cllr David Dixon noted that a notice had gone out to parishes in relation to the Event Accreditation Scheme but he was not aware of any local plans in Barlborough.


The Environmental Health Service Manager noted that only one application had been received so far.  He noted that some event holders were likely to be happy with their current processes and did not want to pursue the Accreditation.  As the Scheme was voluntary this was beyond the Council’s control.


Cllr Anne Clarke noted they would raise the issue with Old Bolsover Town Council for their forthcoming event.


Moved by Councillor Jen Wilson and seconded by Councillor Anne Clarke.

RESOLVED that (1) Members note the progress against the review recommendations,


(2) Members acknowledge the exceptions to delivery and the additional action required by the service,


(3) Members make its report and findings public, in accordance with Part 4.5.17(4) of the Constitution,


(4) officers continue to implement the recommendations and submit a final report in six months’ time highlighting exceptions to delivery.


(Scrutiny & Elections Officer)