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Mobility Scooter Policy - TBC

Meeting: 12/12/2022 - Customer Services Scrutiny Committee (Item 35)

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Scrutiny’s consideration was sought in relation to a draft Mobility Scooter Policy before its submission to tenants and leaseholders for consultation.


The Assistant Director of Housing Management & Enforcement presented the background to the draft policy and also the draft Communal Area Management Policy together as both policies interlinked.


It was noted that the Council currently had 4,986 properties (at November 2022).  Within this stock, the Council had a number of older persons’ housing schemes with communal areas.  These were Orchard Close, Hides Green, Pattison Street, The Paddocks and Sandhills Lane.  This comprised of 177 properties in 58 blocks.  In addition, the Council had a number of general needs accommodation with communal areas, this comprised 136 properties in 34 blocks.


As noted in the report, in 2021 a number of inspections and fire risk assessments of these schemes had been undertaken.  This revealed that many communal areas were being used to store and charge mobility scooters.  This was identified as an unacceptable health and safety risk where fire escape routes were being blocked.  On some occasions scooters had been seen outside of a property being charged, but with an extension lead through the window of the residential accommodation, which was also a recognised fire risk.


The report outlined the consultation that had taken place with tenants on changes to the Tenancy Agreement in relation to storage and charging of mobility scooters.  A significant piece of work had taken place and would continue to take place to support tenants wishing to obtain permission for a mobility scooter.  The Council was working with existing tenants affected on storage and charging solutions and also considering the size of scooter and whether other options needed to be considered.  It was acknowledged that some scooters were small enough to go through the main doorways of the communal flats but this wasn’t possible for all types of scooter.  The Council could only control what was stored in communal areas, not those used inside the flats.


Members agreed that the sensible approach would be to take a consistent approach to the storage and charging of the scooters and then generate an appropriate service charge to the tenant – safety of all within the communal blocks was paramount.  Members also suggested that the Council could consider incorporating a maintenance element within the service charge, as annual testing of the scooters to ensure they remained fit for purpose was key.


Moved by Councillor Rose Bowler and seconded by Councillor Rita Turner

RESOLVED that Members were satisfied with the draft Mobility Scooter Policy.


(Assistant Director of Housing Management & Enforcement)