Calendar of meetings

From 7 May 2021, all of our decision-making bodies returned to in person meetings.

Active participants in meetings under the Local Government Act 1972 must also attend in person. This includes appellants, applicants and objectors.

We will continue to provide a livesteam of all our meetings on our YouTube channel where possible. Members of the public are strongly encouraged to continue viewing meetings virtually from home.

Like face-to-face meetings, it may be necessary to exclude the press and public if there would be disclosure of confidential or exempt information. If this is the case, the live stream will be switched off and the meeting will continue in private.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, there are a limited number of seats available for members of the public to attend a meeting in person. These will be given on a first come first served basis. Please contact the Governance team by email to book a seat.

Anyone attending a meeting in person will need to comply with the Government's current Covid-19 guidance and the Council's procedures for the safe use of council buildings. This includes wearing a face covering, unless you are exempt, using the hand santiser provided and providing contact details to comply with NHS Test and Trace.

Please contact the Governance Manager with any queries about these arrangements by email to

Meeting dates are subject to change. When looking for details of a particular meeting, please contact the relevant officer to confirm that the meeting is going ahead as scheduled.

Alternatively you can subscribe to updates in order to receive information via e-mail regarding arrangements for particular committee meetings.

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