Calendar of meetings

The government's social distancing instructions mean council, committee and Executive meetings cannot take place in the usual way. New legislation has been introduced that enables the Council to hold meetings remotely. We have therefore made some temporary arrangements to allow meetings to take place.

Meetings will be conducted using a video call with a live stream of proceedings available on our YouTube channel. If for any reason the live stream is interrupted, meetings will be suspended until this is rectified. If this has occurred, a message will be displayed on the agenda page.

Like face-to-face meetings, it may be necessary to exclude the press and public if there would be disclosure of confidential or exempt information. If this is the case, the live stream will be switched off and the meeting will continue in private.

In some cases, decisions will continue to be made under delegated authority by officers. Details of decisions under delegated authority will continue to appear on the Council’s website here .

Please contact the Governance Manager with any queries about these arrangements by email to

Meeting dates are subject to change. When looking for details of a particular meeting, please contact the relevant officer to confirm that the meeting is going ahead as scheduled.

Alternatively you can subscribe to updates in order to receive information via e-mail regarding arrangements for particular committee meetings.

November 2020
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