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Sale of Land at Glapwell

20/08/2020 - Sale of Land at Glapwell

Reconsideration of the Decision by the Director of Development


I have reviewed Members’ concerns and I am happy with the original decision.


Next Steps


The outcome of the next steps will determine what happens with the sale of the land. The land has been assessed as not being public open space. However, to remove any future argument, the land will be advertised and due process followed. Since the Growth Scrutiny Committee call in meeting, the land has been registered as an Asset of Community Value, any disposal will follow the restrictions set out on the disposal of listed assets.


11/06/2020 - Call In of Delegated Decision <br/>Sale of Land at Glapwell (DD-025-20-DC)

RESOLVED - That Growth Scrutiny Committee refer the decision (DD/025/20/DC) back to the Director of Development to request that it be reconsidered, due to the following concerns:


  1. The timing of this decision is called into question as there was no urgent need to make the decision and no urgent need to use delegated powers to do so.


  1. Considering the impact on the local community of the decision to sell the land, the decision was not proportionate to what would be achieved by the sale.


  1. The way in which the decision was taken was not fully open and transparent and further consultation should have taken place with Ward Members and the public.


  1. The Director of Development is requested to seek further legal advice on the issue of whether the land is open space and to clarify the appropriate method of disposal, in line with the Council’s Joint Disposal and Acquisitions Policy.


07/05/2020 - Sale of Land at Glapwell

To dispose of the parcel of land, shown edged in red on the attached plan, on Park Avenue, Glapwell on the terms as set out in the report.